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The theme of the course is how to use the mistakes your dog’s make to help them to learn without the dogs realising they have done anything wrong .Also to show the handler WHY the dogs make mistakes. Once you understand why, you can look at mistakes in a very different and more positive way. Also how to help dogs with a low drive or motivation or dogs that have too high a drive that make noise, jump or work forward. Problems with retrieve of picking up the wrong dumbell, mouthing, slow return etc. How to make heelwork great fun and yet keep the accuracy, drive and motivation. Rewards how to give, what to give and where to give them to help solve problems in all exercises in a very positive way. How to use distractions to help your dog become bomb proof so they will perform under pressure .All problems that handlers have can be covered on the course. I have a passion for what I do and enjoy every second and I try to show on my courses that you can have great fun with your dogs and make it to the very top.